Arboriculture, the professional management of trees in parks and gardens is an international skill that is in great demand.

The City of Johannesburg estimates there are there are 1.2 million trees within parks and on pavements and an estimated 4.8 million trees in private gardens.

BC Landscapes arboriculture training covers the vitally needed skill of managing, cultivating and maintaining trees across city parks and gardens. The training also includes techniques such as selection, planting, training, fertilization, pest and pathogen control, pruning, shaping, and removal.

South Africa has a critically shortage of qualified arboriculturists. A training in arboriculture will you have a much needed skill for your future career.
  SAQA ID Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
CORE 243272 Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP). 2 10
CORE 262280 Climb a tree according to safe working practices. 3 10
CORE 262157 Conduct pruning activities according to industry standards. 3 5
CORE 262301 Dismantle trees according to acceptable industry standards and safe practices. 3 10
CORE 117066 Fell trees with a chainsaw using specialised techniques. 3 2
CORE 262185 Identify types and basic characteristics of tree families. 3 10
CORE 262187 Operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness. 3 5
CORE 262258 Perform aerial rescue from a tree. 3 5
CORE 254220 Provide primary emergency care/first aid as an advanced first responder. 3 8
Elective 116124 Control pests, diseases and weeds on all crops effectively and responsibly. 2 2
Elective 261803 Operate chipper according to industry norms. 2 3
Elective 261804 Operate stump grinder according to industry norms. 2 3
Elective 9322 Work in a team. 2 3
Elective 254506 Demonstrate knowledge and attainment of the principal soil types and their characteristics. 3 3
Elective 262183 Install cabling and bracing for tree support. 3 7
Elective 114587 Determine and manage the human resource needs of a new venture. 4 4
Elective 114589 Manage time productively. 4 4
Elective 243273 Monitor and control the safety and operations of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms. 4 8
Elective 242819 Motivate and Build a Team. 4 10